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Car Accident Loans or Accident Lawsuit Funding?

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Car accident lawsuit funding can ease your financial burden. Unlike a car accident settlement loan, it’s risk-free!

Car accident lawsuit funding can assist you in paying your payments and making purchases.

We understand that car accident personal injury cases result in additional expenses and lost wages and that bills rise, not fall, during a pending car accident lawsuit.

That is why, at our firm, we make car accident lawsuit funding quick and affordable!

So you can get the car wreck cash you require right away while your accident attorney continues to fight for your car crash settlement.

Unlike car accident loans, car accident Dbek Capital is not contingent on or based on your credit score. So you don't have to be concerned about a poor credit score. Car accident lawsuit funding is risk-free; you will never have to pay out of your pocket or bank account or be in debt.

We don't get paid any interest or fees unless you win or settle your accident case, just like your car accident lawyer hired on contingency! To get accident cash relief immediately, call us at (888) 507-7008 or apply online

Cases We Fund

We can provide car accident lawsuit funding for all types of car accidents. If you read this and seek compensation for your injuries, you can apply for auto accident pre-settlement funding.

Depending on the value of your accident case, Our Firm can advance you anywhere from $550 to $500,000 in cash

Increase Your Car Accident Lawsuit Funding

You may be approved for additional auto accident lawsuit funding as your case progresses. That is usually the most cost-effective way to get a cash advance on your car accident case from us, and it does not have to be done all at once. Interest fades over time. As a result, you will receive a larger settlement or trial award. Furthermore, you can use car accident lawsuit funding for anything other than paying for your auto accident case costs. The majority of clients use Dbek Capital to cover the cost of their daily living expenses and monthly bills.

Is a car accident loan actually a loan?

Yes, but be cautious. To be regulated, car accident loans must be actual loans made to you by a licensed lender. Only licensed lenders in the United States can make consumer credit loans; each state regulates them differently. Authorized lenders agree to strict laws and oversight in the few states that have policies governing lawsuit loans. The primary goal of these laws is to ensure that all residents of those states are treated fairly. We are licensed to provide loans for car accident lawsuits in Missouri. Most businesses are not.

Can car accident lawsuit funding assist me in obtaining a larger settlement?

Yes! Obtaining car accident lawsuit funding for your case can assist you, and your attorney in obtaining a more equitable and larger settlement. The point is that car accident lawsuit funding can help you survive financially while your attorney fights for justice on your behalf.

You can get even more accident settlement money now and later by using our Firm’s funding and our low car accident lawsuit funding rates.

How much are car accident loans?

As lawsuit loans must include a Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) section in the contract, the cost of a car accident lawsuit loan should be simple to understand. That is not the case with car accident lawsuit funding because it is not a lawsuit loan and should not be regarded as such.

Simply read the Federal Truth in Lending Act Section in the loan contract to determine how much an auto accident loan will cost you after one year. Because car accident lawsuit funding is not a credit product, the TILA does not apply.

Dbek Capital is a lower cost pre-settlement funding company. We do our best not to misrepresent our financial services and products as pending lawsuit loans or settlement loans near me. Many pre-settlement funding companies choose to represent themselves falsely as “best lawsuit loan companies.” We are not a pending settlement loans company in Texas, enabling us to provide risk-free and non-recourse Dbek Capital to the consumer.

Cash relief now.

Dbek Capital Debt Relief Process

Why is car accident lawsuit funding better than a car accident loan?

Car accident lawsuit funding is better than car accident loans for injured plaintiffs and their attorneys in non-loan states where it is permitted by law. Car accident lawsuit funding is a non-recourse advance. It cannot force you into debt or destroy your credit. Car accident funding is not based on your credit score or legal status. So you don't have to be concerned about a low credit score raising your interest rates. Most importantly, car accident lawsuit funding is a risk-free cash advance rather than a loan, so you don't have to come up with the money to pay off the debt. We don't get paid unless you win or settle your car accident lawsuit case, just like your attorney and law firm you hired on a contingency fee basis!

We Create Your Debt Ralief Program

If your debt qualifies, we will work with you to create a customized program* to save you money and resolve your enrolled debt as quickly and as affordably as possible. We do not make any decisions without your approval.

Can I get funding for a car accident lawsuit if I don't have a job?

Yes! We don't require you to provide us with any information about your current or previous employment. We simplify so you don't have to worry—no rising rates, just a low fixed rate from the start. There is no collateral. There is no proof of employment. Risk-free. That is how the best auto accident lawsuit funding companies should operate!

We Negotiate on Your Behalf

As you grow your dedicated program account, we will work to negotiate with your creditors to reduce your overall debt. Each time we are successful, we will reach out to you for authorization.

You Pay off Your Debts One by One

After you pay the full or reduced amount owed on each account, you will be debt-free!

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