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We are consumer advocates who are reshaping the Dbek Capital industry.

What exactly is Dbek Capital

Dbek Capital is a pre-settlement funding company based in 1812 West Burbank Blvd #295, Burbank, CA 91506 that provides money to injured plaintiffs throughout the claim and lawsuit process. Clients use Dbek Capital to pay for unexpected bills and living expenses.

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases frequently require lawsuit funding due to loss of income, being too injured to work or needing to replace a car that was damaged during the accident. The funds can be used for any lawful purpose except for paying for the case's expenses or retaining the attorney.

For plaintiffs, we provide the best pre-settlement cash advances. Learn more about us and our company information below:

Dbek Capital Mission Statement: Why is it the best company for you? It's straightforward. It begins with us not being like other Dbek Capital firms. This is our 'not-so-secret, secret' method for providing plaintiffs with the best pre-settlement cash advances. Learn more about us and our open company information below:

Dbek Capital that is Fair and Quick

1. Quick and easy access to Dbek Capital

We make our free and quick lawsuit funding available in various ways.

  • ACH direct deposit transfers of Dbek Capital to mobile banking applications
  • Money Order or Cashiers Checks overnighted
  • Wire transfer

Lawyers and Law Firms

We ensure that your law firm knows your Dbek Capital request before receiving your signed contract—no surprises.

We will never ask you or your attorney for medical records or case documents. Other lawsuit funding firms do as well, and some may even sell them.

Honest and truthful advertising: Better Dbek Capital

We never make claims or guarantees that we cannot legitimately back up. We will not claim that 'our lawsuit funding is guaranteed to have the lowest interest rate in the industry' because of all the creative and deceptive ways companies charge. We will not make claims such as 'Qualify for funding in 24 hours' or 'Obtain lawsuit funding in 24 hours or less.' “Pre-approved!” We will not advertise 'same-day pre-settlement loans' or 'same-day pre-settlement funding' because they are deceptive. We will not 'tell you what you want to hear' about Dbek Capital to persuade you to choose us over another pre-settlement funding company. When other lawsuit funding companies lie about their rates, we refuse to settle and will continue to tell you the truth.

We provide financial services with an emphasis on aiding customers who are struggling financially or require access to cash. Our offerings include:

  • Debt relief services
  • The ability to buy structured settlement payments
  • Annuity payments
  • Lottery and casino payments.

What is the significance of Dbek Capital?

Dbek Capital has contacts with several large creditors, and our customers benefit from them. Because our name is well-known in financial services, we can confidently and authoritatively bargain on your behalf. We're well-known in our field, and our name carries weight.

More significantly, creating a trustworthy connection with our customers is critical to the debt relief process at Dbek Capital. When we enroll new clients, we form a relationship with them to assist them in reaching their objective of getting out of debt and moving toward financial independence.

We communicate with one another at all times. We notify you whenever there is a change, so you are up to speed on your money. You may monitor your progress anytime by using our online portal, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why choose Dbek Capital?

We offer individualized debt reduction options targeted to particular financial situations for people battling to overcome debt. Through our debt relief services, many of our customers can pay off their debts in two to four years.

We have assisted our customers in purchasing their ideal house, reducing or eliminating debt, paying off medical expenses, purchasing a new automobile, expanding their family, and many others. Allow us to assist you in achieving your financial objectives.

Great Team

Dbek Capital employs highly qualified professionals committed to providing personalized solutions for each client and ensuring the transaction process proceeds smoothly..

With decades of expertise, we've seen it all and handled hundreds of difficult, diverse transactions. By keeping great connections with all insurance providers and a broad network of attorneys representing the firm in each state, we've been able to speed up our customers' structured settlement payment purchase process.

24-Hour Customer Service

Our greatest asset is our staff, which emphasizes respect, empathy, and transparent communication. Each customer receives one-on-one attention, allowing us to develop solutions that work for you rapidly.

We can assess your circumstances and provide a free, no-obligation price the same day if you have your structured settlement or annuity documentation and financial information on hand. Once you accept a quote, our experts will guide you through the process so you may receive your cash as quickly as possible.

Our staff can address any issues or questions you may have and will thoroughly explain the procedure. We want you to be confident in your choices and constantly appreciate input to serve our consumers better.

Online Services

We want you to feel empowered at every stage of your financial independence. Our online services allow the clients to follow their debt relief progress at any time, so you can access your information whenever convenient.

Educational Materials

Dbek Capital operates with a client-first approach, ensuring that each customer feels confident in their decision to partner with us. Furthermore, we provide informative articles on various issues, such as:

  • selling structured settlement payments
  • financing home improvements
  • financing college tuition
  • inheritance advances
  • debt-relief alternatives, and many more

No hidden fees

We appreciate transparency. There are no hidden fees, surcharges, or expenditures with structured settlement or annuity payment purchases. We cover all regular transactional costs, such as court costs, underwriter fees, notary expenses, and even court-document retrieval fees if necessary.

There are no upfront or hidden fees, interest, or additional expenses. Our charge is a percentage of your registered debt that fluctuates and is governed by federal and state laws. The fee is only paid on each debt once we have settled it and you have made your first payment to your creditor. Fees are fixed throughout the program and are included in your monthly program payment.

Phone Number: (888) 507-7008

Email Address: [email protected]

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