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Different Kinds of Lawsuit Funding

What exactly is pre-settlement litigation funding?

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding occurs when a company gives you money now in exchange for the right to receive a portion of the financial settlement from your case in the future. As a result, you can get money immediately to pay your bills.

There is no danger to you, no monthly payments, and no debt collectors. Dbek Capital does not have to be repaid until the conclusion of your case, regardless of whether you settled or won.

Even though some other companies may refer to pre-settlement lawsuit funding as a lawsuit loan in states such as Texas and Oklahoma, it is not a loan of any kind.

Your credit score has no bearing on whether or not you are approved for Dbek Capital. Pre-settlement funding can help you repair your credit by paying off debts.

How to Apply for Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding

Can I apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding?

If you have been injured and another person or company is to blame, the answer is yes! You are eligible to apply for lawsuit funding before settlement.

In many cases, your attorney may not even be required to file a lawsuit. Because if you expect to receive money from a lawsuit cash settlement or a court award, you can apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding on your case anytime.

How do I apply for lawsuit funding before settlement?

You can now apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding by calling us or applying online. We make it quick and straightforward to apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our caring and helpful funding team will assist you in expediting your lawsuit funding application.

How does the application process for pre-settlement lawsuit funding work?

Apply: Apply for cash Dbek Capital online or contact a bilingual funding specialist at (888) 507-7008

Review: We consult with your attorney and quickly go over your case.

You Get Money: We can provide pre-settlement lawsuit funding within 24 hours of approval.

Cases That We Handle

What cases are eligible for pre-settlement lawsuit funding?

Most people believe that companies such as Dbek Capital can only provide lawsuit funding for car accidents and personal injury cases. However, we believe the best Dbek Capital companies can advance plaintiffs' pre-settlement cash for various civil lawsuit cases.

The crucial parts are hiring a lawyer on a contingency fee basis and having that lawyer fight for your settlement or trial award.

Personal Injury
Wrongful Death
Intentional Tort
Maritime Injuries
Other Case Types

Pre-settlement Payment in Cash

How will I receive the pre-settlement lawsuit funds?

We can provide our clients with pre-settlement lawsuit funding in various ways, including electronic bank transfers, cashable checks, and FedEx business-day overnight delivery.

How much lawsuit funding can I get for my case before it settles?

Depending on the value of your case, we can advance cash on your potential lawsuit settlement or court award ranging from $550 to $500,000. So, the more your case is worth, the more lawsuit cash relief funds we can give you!

Can I get pre-settlement lawsuit funding for more than one case?

Yes! It is not uncommon for a person to request more than one pre-settlement lawsuit funding in their case as expenses accumulate. As a result, we frequently recommend this option because it saves you, the client, money.

Furthermore, getting multiple smaller lawsuit fundings rather than one large cash advance upfront from day one is much more affordable and cost-effective. You avoid paying interest on the money you don't need right now.

More FAQs on Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Dbek Capital provides pre-settlement lawsuit cash assistance in which states? We can assist consumers in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas with pre-settlement financial assistance.

What are the interest rates at Dbek Capital?

Dbek Capital strives to provide the most affordable and fair rate in the consumer legal finance industry so that we can fund more money for our client's cases. To learn more, call (888) 507-7008

Is the litigation funding I receive confidential?

Yes! Because we are here to serve you. Dbek Capital will only discuss the existence and terms of your financing agreement with the attorneys representing you in this case voluntarily.

Is a pre-settlement lawsuit funding a loan?

No. In most states, such as Texas and Oklahoma, where we can purchase a portion of a plaintiff's potential settlement or trial award money, pre-settlement lawsuit funding is not a loan.

Because it is a non-recourse funding agreement, the plaintiff does not owe Dbek Capital any money they received from us if they lose their case.

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