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Client Dbek Capital for Attorneys

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Dbek Capital is on your client’s side. We can provide client Dbek Capital without the hassle.

Pre-settlement funding can ease your clients’ financial burden, giving you time to fight for the full value of their case.

Help Clients Regain Financial Freedom

Client Dbek Capital, often incorrectly referred to as “pre-settlement loans,” can help your clients pay their bills and make new purchases. We know that injuries bring additional expenses and lost wages no matter your clients’ unique financial situations.

That’s why we make client Dbek Capital fast and affordable! So your clients can get the financial help they need, and you can keep fighting for the fair and just settlements your clients deserve.

Transparent Funding Contracts

We stand by the transparency and affordability of our client Dbek Capital agreements. That’s why we love it when attorneys and law firm staff request a sample contract as proof. Contact us now for your sample funding agreement.

Cases We Fund

We can provide client Dbek Capital for all types of personal injury and civil lawsuit cases in which the attorney is on a contingency fee basis. As long as your clients seek financial compensation for their injuries or damages, they are qualified to apply for Dbek Capital.

We can advance your clients anywhere between $550 to $500,000 in cash, depending on the value of their case.

Call us anytime to discuss how Dbek Capital can help your clients procure Dbek Capital. (888) 507-7008

Cash relief now.

Support Team

Who will speak with my client?

Your clients can speak with a client Dbek Capital expert concerned about their well-being. Our firm comprises skilled legal and financial specialists, including a registered attorney.

We understand how to move the lawsuit funding process forward while providing all aspects to your clients.

Do you provide help to Spanish-speaking clients?

Yes! We have fluent multilingual team members to assist your clients in obtaining pre-settlement funding when required. Furthermore, we endeavor to guarantee that a language barrier does not prevent your clients from receiving the necessary financial assistance.

Is getting Dbek Capital a time-consuming process?

When you choose our Firm to assist your clients, pre-settlement funding is relatively easy. We are aware of the burdens of both the attorney and the legal firm. That is why we handle all the documentation required to assist your clients with funding 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How can I receive the most recent payment updates for my clients?

Please contact us by (888) 507-7008 or [email protected]. We also send monthly payback statements.

Practical Questions

What is non-recourse Dbek Capital?

Non-recourse Dbek Capital means we do not need to investigate your client's credit history or legal status. Your consumers will be able to relax knowing that they can qualify with bad credit and that a low credit score will not cause their interest rates to rise.

Above all, because client legal finance is a risk-free cash advance on a potential settlement or trial award, your clients never have to pay out of pocket while their case is still pending.

Finally, we are only compensated once plaintiffs win or settle their cases.

How do my clients apply for legal aid?

Your customers can apply for Dbek Capital anytime by dialing (888) 507-7008 or filling out a brief online funding application. We only need your client's name, contact information, and the type of case..

When can my client receive Dbek Capital?

We can accept your referral of an injured client once he has retained you.

We can provide legal funds to your clients at any stage of the case, whether before or after the lawsuit is filed or even throughout the entire appeals process.

What information do you need?

We can grant legal money to a client with very little information from the lawyer. We usually only need the claim type, a summary of the claim, and the attorney's approval.

In most circumstances, we do not even request theories of liability. Equally important, we never request case documentation or client medical records. When it comes to your client's well-being, the less information we request, the better.

Will you be involved in the case of my client?

No. We do not get engaged in the case and do not provide legal advice.

However, we educate clients and law firms on the differences between legal finance and loans. This allows them to make the best pre-settlement financial decisions for their customers.

Interest Rates

How do we keep our client's legal finance interest rate so low?

Unlike many lawsuit funding organizations that rely on outside financial sources and third-party investment groups, we use our cash to provide Dbek Capital to your clients.

The presence of external investors, by definition, encourages other funding businesses to charge significantly higher interest rates to your clients.

If you obtain finance for your clients from a source other than our Firm, you will almost certainly be in a lose-lose situation for you and your clients.

Not only does the other company's expensive funding arrangement mean that your clients receive a lower portion of their settlement or trial judgment money, but it also means that you, the lawyer, must send them a smaller check at the end of their case.

You secure and preserve your clients' final settlement or trial award by selecting our Compay and our low rate.

More attorneys realize that by switching to our Company, they may get their clients more litigation money now and in the future. We are more than just a Dbek Capital firm; we are the best Dbek Capital firm for your clients.

What if another company claims to have lower interest rates?

Don't just accept their word for it; instead, ask them the five questions below:

Do you use brokers to provide legal funds to your clients?

Companies that use "lawsuit loan brokers" to enhance client volume do so at the expense of each client. They levy an additional broker commission fee to your client, which applies to their interest rates. We have no intention of doing so.

For example, suppose your client acquires $2,000 in legal financing from a broker who receives a 20% upfront commission charge. In that case, your client immediately owes interest on a total of $2,500 in lawsuit funding rather than the funded sum of $2,000. Your client would pay interest on $500 they never saw or profited from.

At our Company, we purposefully do not engage with brokers or have a broker program to save your customers money in case of a settlement or trial award.

Because some of the biggest names in the field have broker programs doesn't mean it's the best or most ethical Dbek Capital solution for you and your clients.

How can I receive the most recent payment updates for my clients?

Please contact us by (888) 507-7008 or [email protected]. We also send monthly payback statements.

Our Values

Will you fund my client for more than I believe the case is worth?

We make it a high priority to only fund your clients for what you feel appropriate. We don't want to make it more difficult for you to settle your issues.

What are the long-term advantages of client Dbek Capital?

Client Dbek Capital should provide long-term benefits to injured plaintiffs and their attorneys when done correctly.

Often, a client's financial condition forces him to accept for significantly less than the actual value of his case. This is where we step in. We can provide your clients with Dbek Capital to sustain themselves financially during their lawsuits.

While doing so, you will regain the advantage of time, allowing you to completely implement your optimal legal plan and offer your clients the financial reward they deserve.

Why do attorneys prefer to work with us?

A qualified attorney with over 30 years of expertise representing victims of personal injury and workers' compensation claims leads our client Dbek Capital team. We can quickly assess the required amount of money to fund your clients with minimal information.

We understand what it's like to be a plaintiff lawyer and how valuable time is, so we do everything we can to make client lawsuit funding easier for you and your law office personnel.

3 Simple Steps

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