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Dbek Capital can help you pay your bills and make purchases right away.

We know that accidents and injuries result in increased costs and lost pay, regardless of your financial circumstances. We work hard to make Dbek Capital for our clients easy and reasonably priced.

Therefore, you can acquire the money you need immediately by taking the initial step and submitting an application for lawsuit funding. Your attorney can continue fighting for a fair settlement at the end of your case.

Dbek Capital for your case is not based on your credit score, unlike lawsuit loans. Thus, you don't need to worry that a bad credit score will increase interest rates.

Additionally, pre-settlement funding is an entirely non-recourse cash advance on the eventual settlement of your case. You never have to pay out of pocket and can avoid new debts.

Call us at (888) 507-7008 or apply online for a quick lawsuit cash financial assistance. We are here to help you!

Cases we support:

We can offer lawsuit funding for all forms of personal injury and civil lawsuit cases. If you seek compensation for damages that another person or a business caused you, apply for legal financing now!

We can advance you from $550 to $500,000 in cash, depending on the value of your injury claim.

Increase Your Car Accident Lawsuit Funding

If you’re not sure if your case qualifies for Dbek Capital, give us a call to discuss your options. (888) 507-7008

Can I qualify for Dbek Capital if I don’t have a job?

Yes! At Dbek Capital we don’t even require you to provide us with any of your current or past job histories. We make it easy, so you don’t have to worry—no rising rates—just one low fixed rate from day one. No collateral. No proof of employment. Risk-free. The way Dbek Capital should be!

Can I win a larger settlement amount by getting a cash advance on my settlement?

Yes, getting a pre-settlement cash advance during your case can help you and your lawyer gain a more fair and more large settlement or court award. Dbek Capital is there to help people survive financially while their attorney continues to fight for justice on your behalf. Plus, by calling upon Dbek Capital and our very fair and low funding rates, you can get even more settlement money on your case now and later.

Dbek Capital is Better Than a Lawsuit Loan

Dbek Capital is a superior option to pre-settlement loans for plaintiffs and their attorneys. A pre-settlement cash advance is non-recourse funding in Texas. Meaning, unlike a loan, it’s not dependent on your credit score or legal status. So you don’t have to worry about a not getting approved because of a low credit score.

Don’t forget, lawsuit funding is a risk-free money on your case; you never have to pay out of your own pocket. Just like your lawyer, we don’t get paid unless you settle or go to court and win!

Dbek Capital is a lower cost pre-settlement funding company. We do our best not to misrepresent our financial services and products as pending lawsuit loans or settlement loans near me. Many pre-settlement funding companies choose to represent themselves falsely as “best lawsuit loan companies.” We are not a pending settlement loans company in Texas, enabling us to provide risk-free and non-recourse Dbek Capital to the consumer.

What is Dbek Capital?

Dbek Capital is a risk-free cash advance that can be provided to injured plaintiffs who expect financial recovery throughout the litigation process. Unlike a loan, there is no risk of plaintiffs becoming indebted because the monetary lien is placed on their case rather than the plaintiff.

How to Qualify For Dbek Capital?

How do I apply for Dbek Capital?

Qualifying for Dbek Capital is not complicated because you only need a few things in place before you can receive lawsuit cash assistance from a Dbek Capital company.

1. Have a legal claim or lawsuit for injuries or damages, that you are seeking monetary compensation for a wrong doing to you by another person or company. There must be at least one potentially liable party against whom you have a financial claim. The more significant and valuable the claim, the more Dbek Capital you can obtain.

2. Have an attorney to represent you on a contingency basis. Lawyers hired on contingency are only paid when they win or settle a case. Their compensation is paid from the settlement or court award, not the plaintiff's pocket.If you do not have an attorney, you can ask the legal funder to assist you in finding one. They can help your local bar association with a free lawyer referral service.

Some pre-settlement funding firms have their attorney referral networks, which appears problematic. That being said, you should never feel obligated to hire the recommended law firm. Furthermore, litigation finance companies should never require you to hire one lawyer but not another to qualify for Dbek Capital.

The Dbek Capital company can begin funding once these two essential conditions are met.

Can I get Dbek Capital if I have bad credit?

Yes! Dbek Capital is a good option for people with bad credit because it is not a loan, and you do not have to overcome the obstacles you would face when applying for credit cards.

Dbek Capital companies, unlike credit lenders, are not required to check credit scores. Your credit history does not determine the interest rate you pay with pre-settlement funding. This means that having bad credit or being pursued by collection agencies will not cause your funding rate to rise.

Is it necessary for me to be employed to qualify for Dbek Capital?

No! To qualify for Dbek Capital, pre-settlement funding companies do not require you to provide proof of employment or any of your work history. That is one of the many reasons why, when funded relatively and sensibly, Dbek Capital can be highly beneficial to the client.

What if I am denied?

The litigation funding company informs you that they cannot fund you now, which is not "never."

Dbek Capital companies must consider the current status of your case, and if it is too early, you may not qualify for Dbek Capital.

Unfortunately, you must usually wait a few weeks after hiring a law firm for the attorney to gather and review the early case documents. This enables the lawyer to better understand the case at hand.

What exactly is Dbek Capital?

What is the procedure for obtaining Dbek Capital?

Dbek Capital is a type of cash advance that is linked to a plaintiff's legal claim that has been funded. A litigation funding company gives money to the plaintiff in exchange for a portion of the settlement or trial award monies from the legal claim.

So the funded client can get cash immediately if needed, and the Dbek Capital company hopes to see a return on investment if and when the case is successful.It is risk-free for the client who receives funding but not for the lawsuit funding companies.

By purchasing a stake in the future settlement or court award, the lawsuit funder purchases a portion of the case proceeds rather than lending money to the plaintiff. They are taking the risk that the Dbek Capital will never be recovered.

How is Dbek Capital risk-free?

In most states, Dbek Capital is risk-free because it is non-recourse funding. In other words, the consumer litigation funder lends you money for a portion of your future settlement or trial award.

You don't have to worry about being held liable for repayment if you lose your case with Dbek Capital, as you would with a loan.

How to Use Dbek Capital?

What can I do with my Dbek Capital?

Except for legal fees or case-related expenses for the case for which you received funding, you may use the money advanced to you on your case for any legal purpose.

This means you can't use the pre-settlement funding you were given to pay your attorney on this case. This includes any additional costs associated with your case, such as mediation or hiring transportation to and from a court or deposition.

Because the money is yours and the only lien is against your case, it is ultimately up to you how you use it. Many Dbek Capital recipients use it to cover their monthly personal and general living expenses.

How much Dbek Capital am I eligible for?

A good lawsuit funding company should be prudent and not fund more than 10% of a case's total value in Dbek Capital, as this can jeopardize the case by making it more difficult for the lawyer to settle the case.

This frequently entails not providing too much Dbek Capital too soon, which is the best and most beneficial option for the client in many ways.

Clients should save money in the long run if a Dbek Capital company charges reasonable interest and does not profit from fees.

How to Qualify For Dbek Capital?

Dbek Capital Debt Relief Process

Step1: Contact Us

Reach out to us by phone or online through a contact form to get in touch with our Debt Relief team. One of our experienced representatives will reach out to you and ask you some questions to learn more about your debt. There is no obligation to work with us after this initial phone call.

Step2: We Create Your Debt Ralief Program

If your debt qualifies, we will work with you to create a customized program* to save you money and resolve your enrolled debt as quickly and as affordably as possible. We do not make any decisions without your approval.

Step 3: Pay Into a Dedicated Program Savings Account

During this time, you will make a monthly deposit into a dedicated program savings account, gradually building the amount instead of making minimum payments on your debt. This account is in your name, and you are the one ultimately in control of the money there. The funds that you set aside each month will ultimately be accumulated and put towards settling debts and paying for the program.

Step 4: We Negotiate on Your Behalf

As you grow your dedicated program account, we will work to negotiate with your creditors to reduce your overall debt. Each time we are successful, we will reach out to you for authorization.

Step 5: You Pay off Your Debts One by One

After you pay the full or reduced amount owed on each account, you will be debt-free!

3 Simple Steps

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